Application areas

SIGAS products can be widely used in semiconductor processing, new energy, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, mining, pharmaceutical, packaging industry and so on. 

  • Environment Protection & Zero Carbon
    Environment Protection & Zero Carbon
    With the development of the global economy, both carbon emissions and per capita emissions have increased significantly. All countries of world, achieving the "Low carbon" goal faces enormous challenges such as short emission reduction time and large emission reduction. In 2020, China officially pro...
  • Metallurgical Industry
    Metallurgical Industry
      Steel smelting includes many production processes such as ironmaking, steelmaking, and rolling. The smelting process uses combustion gases, inert gases as fuel or protective gases, while also producing a large amount of process gases. Detecting and analyzing the content of these gases is impo...
  • Power Industry
    Power Industry
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  • Petrochemical Industry
    Petrochemical Industry
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  • Semiconductor
      The semiconductor manufacturing industry is classified as an "extremely high-risk" industry by the United States (FMS) organization due to the use of highly toxic, corrosive, and flammable gases, liquids, and a large amount of flammable plastic materials in the process, as well as the enclose...
  • Marine
    Green shipping industry   90% of global trade is completed through sea transportation, and the environmental pollution caused by shipping has received high attention from the international community. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) continuously formulates and introduces mandatory...
  • Quality and safety Control
    Quality and safety Control
    SIGAS provides high quality control and measurement device for customs, grain, building materials and other quality supervision and safety application. It is not only used for quantitative detection of hazardous toxic and harmful gases, but also effectively controls processes such as fumigation and...
  • Automotive Electronics
    Automotive Electronics
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  • Nuclear Safety
    Nuclear Safety
    What is nuclear radiation?   Nuclear radiation, also known as radiation, exists in all substances. Nuclear radiation is mainly caused by α、β、γ Three types of radiation composition. α Radiation is a helium nucleus, and its ability to penetrate through external radiation...
  • Medical Control
    Medical Control
    With the gradual promotion of the "Healthy China 2030" strategy and the "Five Year Plan", the requirements for "optimizing health services, improving health security, and building a healthy environment" are gradually increasing. In the post pandemic era, the demand for global hospital construction m...

Application areas

SIGAS products can be widely used in semiconductor processing, new energy, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, mining, pharmaceutical, packaging industry and so on. 

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SIGAS Measurement Engineering Corp. is mainly engaged in trace gas analysis equipment and provides complete gas monitoring systems, which are used in environmental monitoring and industrial process analysis. SIGAS dedicate to high-tech technology and try to establish the most outstanding team which will succeed based on practical knowledge, continuous innovation and serious service. SIGAS products can be widely used in semiconductor processing, new energy, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, mining, pharmaceutical, packaging industry. We offer full range of technical services to our customers, including project conception, development process, or final product molding.
  • Smart Sensing, Precise Measuring
  • Smart Technology Enables Low Carbon Green Development
  • Solutions for precise quantitative analysis of gases
  • Industral high-end gas sensor manufacturer
  • Enabling factory processes control, optimization, cost reduction, efficiency, energy savings

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    Exhibition calendar 2024

    Exhibition Name Date Country Company/Exhibitor Name InterAqua 2024.01.31-02.02 Japan IR System smartGAS Distributor (Japan) CIEPEC 2024.04.10-12 Beijing China SIGAS IE Expo SHANGHAI 2024.04.18-20 Shanghai China SIGAS neftegaz 2024.04.15-18 Russia RIAS SIGAS Distributor (Russia) korea chem 2024.04.23-26 South Korea Scotech Korea SIGAS Distributor (South Korea) OPIE 2024.04.24-26 Japan IR System smartGAS Distributor (Japan) OGU 2024.05.14-16 Uzbekistan RIAS SIGAS Distributor (Russia) CHCC 2024.05.17-19 chengdu China SIGAS / HEYER AEROTECH SIGAS as Distributor N-EXPO 2024.05.22-24 Japan IR System smartGAS Distributor (Japan) sensor-test 2024.06.11-13 Germany smartGas Germany SIGAS subsidiary (Germany) SmartSensing 2024.06.12-24 Japan IR System smartGAS Distributor (Japan) Sensors Converge 2024.06.24-26 US EOC smartGAS Distributor (USA) Photonics West 2024.06.25-26 US EOC smartGAS Distributor (USA) STC 2024.07.17-18 Japan IR System smartGAS Distributor (Japan) JASIS 2024.09.06-08 Japan IR System smartGAS Distributor (Japan) H2 meet 2024.09.25-27 South Korea Scotech Korea SIGAS Distributor (South Korea) CIOAE 2024.11.07-09 Hangzhou China SIGAS   SIGAS 2024 Exhibition List     smartGAS 2024 Exhibition List     SIGAS Distributor RIAS Exhibition List 2024     SIGAS Distributor SCOTECH (South Korea) Exhibition List 2024     smartGAS Distributor IR SYSTEM (Japan) Exhibition List 2024   smartGAS Distributor EOC (USA) Exhibition List 2024  

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    Exhibition Review | HEYER Leads the Future of Medical Care

      On May 19, 2024, the 25th China Hospital Construction Conference and International Hospital Construction, Equipment and Management Exhibition (CHCC2024) concluded successfully in Chengdu.   As a leader in the field of medical gas supply, German HEYER made a stunning appearance with advanced gas terminals and other core equipment, presenting a medical technology feast that focused on both technology and innovation to the attendees.     The perfect fusion of technological aesthetics and practicality The booth of HEYER has the theme of "Future medical connecting with gas", with a simple design style with a sense of technology. The booth is constructed with environmentally friendly materials, creating a fresh and professional medical environment.     Innovative technology leads future medical care The medical gas supply equipment exhibited by HEYER became the focus of the exhibition with its ultra-high safety performance and intelligent operation. The latest generation of gas terminals has won widespread acclaim for its compact design and refined appearance. With advanced functions such as remote monitoring, automatic alarm, regional cut-off alarm valve boxes fully reflect the future hospital's need for high-efficiency management and maintenance as well as provide key support for the realization of smart hospital construction.       A model of professionalism and passion During the exhibition, the booth of HEYER was always crowded with technicians, medical equipment purchasers, hospital managers and industry scholars. The professional technicians and sales team of HEYER provided detailed explanations and consulting services throughout to the participants as well as discussed the future development and cooperation possibilities of the medical gas supply system.     This exhibition is not only a feast of technology and products, but also an upgrade of service and experience. HEYER proved its leading position in the medical field and left unforgettable memories for all participants through leading technology, meticulous customer service and booth design. Next time in 2025, HEYER will meet you in Wuhan.  

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    Visit smartGAS at SENSOR+TEST 2024

    We look forward to announcing our participation in one of the leading trade shows for sensor, measurement and test technology. SENSOR+TEST is the ideal place to showcase our latest innovations and solutions in gas measurement technology.   Date: 11.06 - 13.06.2024 Location: Nuremberg, Germany   Learn how our technology helps improve safety and efficiency across industries. Our team looks forward to meeting you and answering your questions.   Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about the latest trends and developments that are helping to shape the future of metrology.   We look forward to your visit!  

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    SIGAS | Notice of holidays

    Dear friends,   The international labour holiday arrangement of SIGAS GROUP is as follows: May 1st (Wednesday) - May 5th (Sunday), a total of 5 days are holidays. We will work normally on April 28 (Sunday) and May 11 (Saturday).   Happy holiday to everyone!  

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