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Medical Control

Medical Control
November 28, 2023

With the gradual promotion of the "Healthy China 2030" strategy and the "Five Year Plan", the requirements for "optimizing health services, improving health security, and building a healthy environment" are gradually increasing. In the post pandemic era, the demand for global hospital construction market is increasing. With the aim of "working together towards the future - comprehensively building a beautiful hospital construction ecosystem", SIGAS provides high-end medical gas engineering general contracting services and high-quality products for hospital modernization construction together with our German partner HEYER Aerotech.


Medical Gas Outlets

Medical gas outlets are important components in hospital gas engineering, and are important tools for hospitals to treat patients. Oxygen outlets provide support for our lives. The design of gas outlets provides users with an absolutely safe connection between device plugs and terminal sockets, playing a crucial role in hospitals. There are many manufacturers producing German standard outlets on the market, and the quality varies. Therefore, when selecting outlets, we should consider multiple aspects such as material, craftsmanship, design, and structure comprehensively.


Medical area alarm valve box:

The regional alarm valve system integrates 1-6 types of gases into a box according to the needs of the situation, consisting of pressure gauges, pressure sensors, and other devices. If the air pressure is too high or 20% below the rated pressure, the electric contact pressure gauge or pressure sensor will sense and transmit it to the screen in real time. The equipment will emit sound and light alarms and synchronously transmit remote alarm signals. The valve box is the most important component in the regional alarm valve box system and the only component that monitors gas pressure. Therefore, the structure and material of the valve box are particularly important. The medical valve box provided by Schutz is exquisitely constructed, sturdy in material, and reliable in product.


Medical gas source switching device:

There are generally three types of oxygen supply methods in hospitals: oxygen concentrators, liquid oxygen storage tanks, and oxygen cylinders. Oxygen concentrators are expensive, and the supply of liquid oxygen storage tank manufacturers is limited. Therefore, connecting the busbar to the oxygen cylinder is generally the main way for hospitals to supply oxygen.


According to the Technical Specification for Medical Gas Engineering, medical gas busbars should comply with the following regulations: copper or copper alloy materials should be used for the high and medium pressure sections of medical gas busbars; The high and medium pressure section valves of medical gas busbars should not use quick opening valves; Medical gas busbars should use safe low-voltage power sources; When the supply source of the medical oxygen cylinder manifold is used as the main gas source, it is advisable to set up two sets of medical oxygen cylinders with the same quantity, and they should be able to automatically switch between uses; Function: Group and merge several gas cylinders to reduce pressure, and transport them to the ward through pipelines.


The electromagnetic switching busbar provided by SIGAS can be used as the main way of oxygen supply in hospital centers. It is exquisitely constructed, finely crafted, and of reliable quality. The electromagnetic switching valve is used to achieve automatic switching of gas sources in 0 seconds. There are also multiple busbars with different flow rates and gas source switching methods available for different projects.


SIGAS provides a complete set of turnkey products for the construction of high-end hospitals, including gas terminals, anesthesia exhaust gas terminals, gas source switching device busbars, gas stabilizing boxes, regional alarm valve boxes, central monitoring systems, and adsorption dryers.


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