smartGAS Mikrosensorik GmbH, now as SIGAS Germany associated company, develops and produces reliable, precise and cost-effective nondispersive infrared sensors (NDIR) for detecting gases in diverse areas of application.

SmartGAS product includes sensors for gas analysis, process measuring technology and indoor air monitoring, gas detectors, as well as installations and custom solutions. On the basis of the available standard sensors smartGAS also offers custom adaptation to specific customer requirements – customized solution is our advantages, from gas measuring range to development of a completely new solution.


The cooperation between SIGAS and smartGAS based on long yearly relationship and communication. Now smartGAS became one of SIGAS subsidiary, to achieve together new technology, new customer requirement, from gas sensor to analyzer, to completely system.


Together, we offer whole world customers professional service and technology support in all kind of industry application. With years’ experience in all kind of gas measurement range and good knowledge of industry process control and environment protection, SIGAS is working together with smartGAS to support our customers to fulfill your applications and rise up the core competitive ability.

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