Internal company activities


Internal company activities

  • SIGAS celebrates the Dragon Boat Festival
    June 07, 2024

    On this green spring day, SIGAS organized an unique event to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival together, which allowing traditional Chinese culture to be passed down and rejuvenated among the younger generation.   SIGAS prepared materials for employees to make mugwort bouquets,...

  • SIGAS New Years Party: Thanks ALL
    February 08, 2024

    After a year of hard work, we finally arrived at our long-awaited annual party. SIGAS colleagues gathered together to celebrate our joint efforts and achievements.   Looking back to the past 2023, it was a year full of challenges and opportunities. We move forward in the changing market and rid...

  • SIGAS Running Group
    November 22, 2023

    SIGAS Running Group is a health and exercise group, with the aim of promoting employee health and active living. The team regularly holds various interesting sports check-in and reward activities, encouraging members to participate in sports and motivate each other. Collaborate with other department...

  • Beloved Mother's Day Activities
    May 14, 2023

    All love in the world requires a sense of ceremony Love for mom is no exception On the occasion of Mother's Day A special event was held Tulip DIY Make a heartwarming gift for your mother with your own hands   At 3pm, the SIGASer arrived at the activity area. We have prepared a tulip hugging bu...

  • The First Mid level Manager Training Program of SIGAS
    March 09, 2023

    With the rapid development of SIGAS, the demand for operational management talents has become increasingly urgent. In this context, SIGAS hold the two principles of "focus" and "achievement" , has organized the first middle-level management training project for the company's middle and senior manage...

  • SIGAS Ladies party: International Women's Day
    March 08, 2023

    On the occasion of International Women's Day on March 8th, a succulent micro landscape DIY salon event was held on the afternoon of March 8th - "Craftsmanship, Happy succulent".   At the event, the ladies from the Comprehensive Management Department arrived early and set up a dessert table, pre...

  • 2023 SIGAS Spring Festival
    February 23, 2023

    On 23.2.2023, SIGAS held a New Year Spring ceremony with the theme of "Spring has already broken dawn and is gathering momentum". Guests from the SIGAS Board of Directors, all employees of the headquarters, representatives from various branches and offices gathered together to share the successful a...

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