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SIGAS celebrates the Dragon Boat Festival

SIGAS celebrates the Dragon Boat Festival
June 07, 2024

On this green spring day, SIGAS organized an unique event to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival together, which allowing traditional Chinese culture to be passed down and rejuvenated among the younger generation.


SIGAS prepared materials for employees to make mugwort bouquets, various colorful ribbons, sachets, peace blessings, which all symbolize peace and health.


Finally, everyone took a group photo with their works, and everyone's face was filled with smiles.


In addition, SIGAS also thoughtfully prepared holiday benefits for employees, including rice dumpling gift boxes, sweet honeydew melon and fruit gift boxes, allowing everyone to feel the festive atmosphere and the warmth of the SIGAS family.



Notice of holidays

According to the company's arrangements, the 2024 Dragon Boat Festival holiday is: June 8 (Saturday) - June 10 (Monday), a total of 3 days.


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