• Exhibition calendar 2024
    Jan 19, 2024
    Exhibition Name Date Country Company/Exhibitor Name InterAqua 2024.01.31-02.02 Japan IR System smartGAS Distributor (Japan) CIEPEC 2024.04.10-12 Beijing China SIGAS IE Expo SHANGHAI 2024.04.18-20 Shanghai China SIGAS neftegaz 2024.04.15-18 Russia RIAS SIGAS Distributor (Russia) korea chem 2024.04.23-26 South Korea Scotech Korea SIGAS Distributor (South Korea) OPIE 2024.04.24-26 Japan IR System smartGAS Distributor (Japan) OGU 2024.05.14-16 Uzbekistan RIAS SIGAS Distributor (Russia) CHCC 2024.05.17-19 chengdu China SIGAS / HEYER AEROTECH SIGAS as Distributor N-EXPO 2024.05.22-24 Japan IR System smartGAS Distributor (Japan) sensor-test 2024.06.11-13 Germany smartGas Germany SIGAS subsidiary (Germany) SmartSensing 2024.06.12-24 Japan IR System smartGAS Distributor (Japan) Sensors Converge 2024.06.24-26 US EOC smartGAS Distributor (USA) Photonics West 2024.06.25-26 US EOC smartGAS Distributor (USA) STC 2024.07.17-18 Japan IR System smartGAS Distributor (Japan) JASIS 2024.09.06-08 Japan IR System smartGAS Distributor (Japan) H2 meet 2024.09.25-27 South Korea Scotech Korea SIGAS Distributor (South Korea) CIOAE 2024.11.07-09 Hangzhou China SIGAS   SIGAS 2024 Exhibition List     smartGAS 2024 Exhibition List     SIGAS Distributor RIAS Exhibition List 2024     SIGAS Distributor SCOTECH (South Korea) Exhibition List 2024     smartGAS Distributor IR SYSTEM (Japan) Exhibition List 2024   smartGAS Distributor EOC (USA) Exhibition List 2024  
  • SIGAS won the "2023 Technological Innovation Pioneer Award"
    Feb 25, 2024
    On February 24, 2024, SIGAS won the "2023 Technological Innovation Pioneer Award" issued by the Changshu National Economic and Technological Development Zone Committee for its outstanding performance and contributions in the field of technological innovation.   The Technological Innovation Pioneer Award is given to the units that have made important impact in their industries, or led the trend of scientific and technological progress, or promoted economic and social development through technological innovation, product research and development as well as transformation of technological achievements.   This award is not only a high recognition of the long-term persistence in technology R&D and innovation practices of SIGAS, but also a strong proof that SIGAS actively promote technological progress and lead the development in the industry.     SIGAS has made significant innovation achievements in the field of intellectual property, with a total of 19 invention patents, 15 utility model patents, 20 computer software copyrights, and 7 design patents, fully demonstrating the uniqueness of product design and market competitiveness.       In the future, SIGAS will continue to innovate, explore and develop cutting-edge technologies, improve product functionality and design, create new glories on the road of scientific research and invention.  
    Feb 08, 2024
    After a year of hard work, we finally arrived at our long-awaited annual party. SIGAS colleagues gathered together to celebrate our joint efforts and achievements.   Looking back to the past 2023, it was a year full of challenges and opportunities. We move forward in the changing market and ride the wind and waves in the keen competition. From the beginning of strategic layout to the final performance indicators, each achievement consolidates the hard work and selfless dedication of all colleagues.   Before the dinner, the shareholders of SIGAS reviewed the achievements and shortcomings in 2023, shared market opinions, and preheating the atmosphere for the coming party.   The end of the annual meeting is a new starting point. We will continue to pursue higher goals with this unity and encouragement. We believe that with everyone's efforts, our dream will bloom brilliant lights.   Thanks to every-one for their hard work and enthusiastic participation, let us get together to create resplendence continuously and look forward to our progress in 2024.
  • SIGAS obtained the "Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Progress Award"
    Feb 05, 2024
      SIGAS obtained the China Energy Conservation Association Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Science and Technology Progress Award                                                                                              Good news!   We are very proud to announce that SIGAS group has won the following honors:   Third Prize of China Energy Conservation Association’s “Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Science and Technology Progress Award”   Award-winning projects: Key technologies and applications for evaluation of HFC alternative paths for China's automotive air conditioners   Recently, SIGAS won the third prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award for Energy Saving and Emission Reduction issued by the China Energy Conservation Association. The winning project is: Key Technologies and Applications for Evaluation of HFC Alternative Pathways for Automotive Air Conditioners in China (hereinafter referred to as this project)   The China Energy Conservation Association (CECA) was established in 1984 and officially registered as a national first-class social organization in the field of energy conservation in 1989.  The CECA engages in research on energy conservation policies, formulating standards, monitoring energy efficiency, evaluating and promoting energy-saving technologies, as well as providing training and consultation services. Its scope of business extends across a multitude of sectors and departments, including electric, power, coal, petroleum, machinery, electronics, metallurgy, chemical engineering, railway, transportation, construction, non-ferrous metals, environmental protection, etc. It boasts a large number of corporate members from these industries. This project was jointly completed by China Automotive Data (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co., Ltd., Tianjin University of Commerce, and SIGAS Measurement Engineering Co., Ltd   This project belongs to the research field of energy saving and emission reduction technology of energy power system - automobile energy saving and carbon reduction. According to the requirements of the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol, China will gradually control the consumption of HFC refrigerants from 2024. As its main consumer market, automotive air conditioners need to choose alternative technologies as soon as possible. What is HFC HFC is the abbreviation of hydrofluorocarbon products, which mainly includes R134a (an alternative refrigerant for R12), R125, R32, R407C, R410A (an alternative refrigerant for R22), R152, etc.   Although its ozone depletion coefficient is 0, it has a high warming potential in climate change and is classified as a greenhouse gas.   HFC alternative path     Since Chinese HFC application technology started late, European and American evaluation methods are mostly used, which cannot meet the development needs of the domestic market. Therefore, it is urgent to establish a complete evaluation system and supporting equipment and standards to guide the healthy and green development of the domestic automotive air-conditioning industry. This project constructed an automotive air conditioning evaluation system based on Chinese working conditions through clarifying the test methods and test limits for the two key indicators of air conditioning energy consumption and refrigerant leakage, as well as filling the gap in relevant test standards as following. GB/T 40711.3-2021 "Passenger Car Out-of-Cycle Technology/Device Energy Saving Effect Evaluation Method - Part No. 3 - Automobile Air Conditioners"   T/CAS 599-2022 "Automotive Air Conditioner Refrigerant (HFC-134a) Leakage Test Methods and Limits" In the process of developing automotive air-conditioning refrigerant leakage detection equipment for this project, SIGAS focused on the technical research and development of the refrigerant concentration core detection analysis technology and supporting equipment to achieve rapid, continuous and accurate measurement of refrigerant leakage while meeting stringent testing standards and requirements.   This project was recognized by the jury for its innovation, practicality and outstanding contribution to promoting the development of the industry. Here, we would like to thank the China Energy Conservation Association for its recognition, and sincerely thank all partners who support this project!    
  • Happly new year 2024!
    Dec 31, 2023
    2023 is coming to the end, this year we have encountered more difficulties than expected, but achieved greater results. Looking at the world, the complex and changeable regional security forms, the fierce confrontation between major countries and geopolitical games have profound impacts on the world pattern, and also challenges the global industrial chain.   Looking back to our country, in 2023, economic growth remained stable, GDP growth rate remained moderate, green and sustainable development became important direction. Despite some recovery and growth in 2023, we still facing challenges. The impact of macroeconomics on us is ubiquitous, such as policy changes will have a significant impact on our operational environment. The adjustment of monetary policy, fiscal policy, and industrial policy may change the market supply and demand relationship, capital cost, and policy support, directly affecting our profitability and competitiveness.     We SIGAS Group, 2023 marks the first year our new family member smartGAS, joining us. We have not only encountered difficulties, but also made progress and achieved results. We continue optimize our products and explore new market. With the efforts of every SIGAS/SmartGAS member, we are steadily moving forward.   2023 with achievements behind, 2024 for successes ahead.   Looking ahead, 2024 will still be a “turbulent” year. Under the influence of multiple factors, various challenges and uncertainties still exist, and the future path of new markets may still be bumpy. However, opportunities always coexist with challenges. We will continue to increase investment in the research and development. We will differentiate ourselves and highlight the advantages of our products in the fields of new industry, low-carbon, maritime, and healthcare. And also offer our customers with high quality products and service.   In 2024, may we work together to overcome the new challenges, build the future together.     Happy New Year to all, best wish to your family, to our partners, and friends!    
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