• Happly new year 2024!
    Dec 31, 2023
    2023 is coming to the end, this year we have encountered more difficulties than expected, but achieved greater results. Looking at the world, the complex and changeable regional security forms, the fierce confrontation between major countries and geopolitical games have profound impacts on the world pattern, and also challenges the global industrial chain.   Looking back to our country, in 2023, economic growth remained stable, GDP growth rate remained moderate, green and sustainable development became important direction. Despite some recovery and growth in 2023, we still facing challenges. The impact of macroeconomics on us is ubiquitous, such as policy changes will have a significant impact on our operational environment. The adjustment of monetary policy, fiscal policy, and industrial policy may change the market supply and demand relationship, capital cost, and policy support, directly affecting our profitability and competitiveness.     We SIGAS Group, 2023 marks the first year our new family member smartGAS, joining us. We have not only encountered difficulties, but also made progress and achieved results. We continue optimize our products and explore new market. With the efforts of every SIGAS/SmartGAS member, we are steadily moving forward.   2023 with achievements behind, 2024 for successes ahead.   Looking ahead, 2024 will still be a “turbulent” year. Under the influence of multiple factors, various challenges and uncertainties still exist, and the future path of new markets may still be bumpy. However, opportunities always coexist with challenges. We will continue to increase investment in the research and development. We will differentiate ourselves and highlight the advantages of our products in the fields of new industry, low-carbon, maritime, and healthcare. And also offer our customers with high quality products and service.   In 2024, may we work together to overcome the new challenges, build the future together.     Happy New Year to all, best wish to your family, to our partners, and friends!    
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