nuclear dose rate meter


nuclear dose rate meter

  • German Graetz General Manager Visits Changshu
    Jul 11, 2024
    On a sunny summer day, a special knowledge feast unfolded at SIGAS. Christian Stein, the General Manager of Graetz, visited Changshu to conduct in-depth training on radiation measurement products for SIGAS employees and esteemed clients.   Graetz Founded in 1949, Graetz is a pioneer of radiation measurement technology. Since then, Graetz has been committed to nuclear safety & radiation protection of humans, primarily serving German nuclear accident rescue teams, as well as various firefighting, security, and nuclear industry sectors. Graetz is committed to providing the most advanced and reliable nuclear radiation detection solutions globally.      Exciting Training Christian first shared Graetz's core principles—innovation, safety, and responsibility—and then detailed the definition of nuclear radiation and a series of advanced nuclear radiation products under the company's portfolio, including portable radiation detectors, environmental monitoring stations, and industrial-grade radiation protection equipment.     Participants were fully engaged, attentively listening to every detail.     The training also included product demonstrations and hands-on sessions. Participants had the opportunity to operate Graetz's radiation detection equipment firsthand, experiencing its outstanding performance and user-friendly design.     Finally, Christian engaged in deep discussions and interactions with the attendees. He patiently answered questions on technical details and application scenarios, demonstrating Graetz's confidence in technology and profound understanding of customer needs to every participant.     Unity and Cooperation, Looking to the Future This training was not only about knowledge transfer but also face-to-face communication. It deepened the strategic partnership between SIGAS and Graetz, opening up more possibilities for future cooperation. We believe that, with mutual efforts, significant progress and collaboration in the field of nuclear radiation can be achieved.    

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