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Beloved Mother's Day Activities

Beloved Mother's Day Activities
May 14, 2023

All love in the world requires a sense of ceremony

Love for mom is no exception

On the occasion of Mother's Day

A special event was held

Tulip DIY

Make a heartwarming gift for your mother with your own hands


At 3pm, the SIGASer arrived at the activity area. We have prepared a tulip hugging bucket for everyone, which includes tulips, transparent spheres, ribbons, and corresponding accessories. After a brief explanation on site. Everyone happily began the process of handmade crafts.


Happy Mother's Day

This activity was very successful, and everyone had a pleasant, meaningful, and emotional afternoon.

Through the DIY activity of hugging flower tubes, employees not only expressed their deep love for their mothers, but also learned the method of expressing their emotions through manual creation.

We look forward to more employee activities in the future, making the company a warmer family.


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