Silarex multi-gas sensor

Silarex multi-gas sensor

  • The Silarex multi-gas sensor is one high-end type of multi-gas measurement sensor which based on the infrared absorption technology and comply with the highest standards in accuracy, reliability and efficiency. Due the consequent use of this optical principle the systems work without abrasion or chemical reactions and are nearly maintenance free.   As basis the IR principle uses the individual absorption spectrum of the gas to be detected and specifies the concentration by the precise quantitative analysis. Because all measured gases absorb IR radiation in a different spectrum a so called “fingerprint” is given which ensures a selective characterization with less cross sensitivities.   An integrated evaluation electronic delivers finally an easy to use concentration signal and compensates all temperature- and drift effects, which is special good for Gas Emission measurement.
  • SILAREX - TOC is a high-end infrared gas detection module, which use for Water TOC measurement, that uses the non-dispersive infrared detection technology NDIR to simultaneously detect up to 3 different ranges of carbon dioxide gase, where each range has it‘s own accuracy. The optical structure of the module is designed to be simple, with a robust mechanical structure for easy integration and digital signal processing by a microprocessor. It also integrates temperature and pressure compensation sensors to effectively compensate for detection of interfering signals to achieve high accuracy and stability detection.

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