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SIGAS made a wonderful appearance at CIEPEC 2024

SIGAS made a wonderful appearance at CIEPEC 2024
April 16, 2024

On April 12, 2024, the highly anticipated 22nd China International Environmental Protection Exhibition & Conference (CIEPEC 2024) came to a perfect conclusion at the Beijing International Exhibition Center. On this occasion, SIGAS GROUP made a grand appearance with a series of comprehensive and advanced industrial gas analysis solutions, actively contributing to this environmental protection technology event.


CIEPEC was founded in 1986 and is the first international environmental protection exhibition of China. With the long-term support of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Beijing Government and other departments, CIEPEC has gone through a 36-year journey and become the preferred platform for exchange and display of the entire domestic ecological and environmental protection industry in Chain.


Technology leads the exhibition grand occasion 

SIGAS booth is located in the core area of CIEPEC 2024, using its iconic blue and white tones to create a professional and technological display atmosphere.

SIGAS appeared with a series of high-quality industrial gas analysis solutions, displaying gas detection products in multiple applications, environmental monitoring, industrial process analysis, atmospheric management and other fields. These products integrate Germany's advanced technology of detection and the localized research and development results, which demonstrating the top technical level in the field of gas analysis.


The audience gained an in-depth understanding of how SIGAS products monitor air pollutants and industrial waste gas emissions in real time, which helping customers improve environmental compliance, optimize production processes and reduce environmental pollution risks.

SIGAS GROUP actively expands overseas cooperation relationships, reaches cooperation intentions with a number of international environmental protection companies and institutions, and jointly explores new paths for global environmental governance.

SIGAS has demonstrated its strength and determination in global market layout, integration with international standards, and cross-border technical exchanges, further enhancing the brand's international influence and contributing "SIGAS wisdom" to promote the collaborative progress of global environmental protection.



Building a green future together


SIGAS is deeply involved in all aspects of the environmental protection industry with its core precision gas detection technology, providing strong technical support to protect the blue sky and promote green transformation.

In the future, SIGAS GROUP will continue to adhere to the concept of "technology protects the environment" and join hands with global partners to jointly draw a green future for the environmental protection industry.

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