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SIGAS CEMS System Provides Solutions for Norwegian Northern Lights CO2 Carrie

SIGAS CEMS System Provides Solutions for Norwegian Northern Lights CO2 Carrie
July 26, 2023

SIGAS won the bid and obtained the contract of CEMS monitoring system for the world's first  7,500 cubic meter liquid CO2 carrier.


On November 21, 2022, Northern Lights of Norway started the Carbon Capture and Storage project. The world's largest liquid carbon dioxide carriers No.1 and No.2 started to construction. This project will be built by the Chinese marine manufacturer, Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company (DSIC) that belongs to China State Shipbuilding Group.

The CO2 carrier is about 130 meters long and 21.2 meters wide. Both of these two carriers will be used for marine carbon transportation and storage, to transport the collected greenhouse gas from European industrial emitters to the receiving terminal in Oygarden, western Norway. from there, transport it by pipeline to an offshore subsurface storage location in the North Sea to store their CO2 safely and permanently deep under the seabed in Norway. This project has set a new standard for CO2 shipping on coastal trading routes.


Based on stringent emission standards and energy saving requirements, SIGAS CGC-400 ship exhaust emission continuous monitoring system was chosen, to perform the function of monitoring the concentration of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide and other gases in the ship's exhaust gas outlet, and for each ship two CGC-400 monitoring systems are equipped.


SIGAS CGC-400 Continuous Monitoring System for Ship Exhaust Emissions monitors the concentration of CO2,SO2,NO,NO2,O2 and methane at ship exhaust outlets.


The system adopts infrared, ultraviolet, electrochemical and laser detection technology, which can monitor the components of ship exhaust pollutants in real time, and can provide customers with more advanced and optimized continuous monitoring system for ship exhaust emissions according to the working conditions of different ships, pollutant types, and requirements of different classification societies.


With the global trend of carbon neutrality and the transition to a hydrogen society, the need for technology related to the capture, utilization and storage of carbon from industrial activities is growing. Agencies such as the International Maritime Organization (IMO) have been actively working to address the shipping industry’s environmental impact and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.



SIGAS has always been committed to ESG and sustainable development. By accelerating the research and development of new technologies and equipment, it continues to exert its strength in the field of low-carbon and environmental protection. All-round monitoring technology provides solid technical support for realizing the ultimate goal of carbon neutrality in worldwide.

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