Medical Gas Outlets

Medical Gas Outlets

  • The HEYER Medical Gas Outlets are used in gas supply plants for medical premises in accordance with DIN EN ISO 7396-1. The connector is supplied in different versions and installation variants. The installation in solid walls, lightweight walls, ceiling supply units, this allows bed rails, intensive care units, etc. In principle, HEYER medical gas connectors can be plugged into all Deck supply units, energy supply units and gas boxes of all kinds Manufacturers and variants are installed.
  • The HEYER AGSS anesthesia gas recovery and discharge system can prevent users or staff from inhaling the anesthetic exhaust gas left by the operating room gas circulation system, ensuring the safe use of anesthesia gas in hospitals. Jet anesthesia exhaust gas discharge system is an independent discharge system, will not be interfered by other operating rooms or systems, compared with the first generation of negative pressure discharge system, technically safer and more stable; Lower cost in terms of construction; Can be used intermittently, more convenient.

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