• SIGAS acquired smartGAS to open enter the global market
  • smartGAS China is on board
  • Price Increase Notification, Effective: May 1, 2022
  • A Letter about Order Delay during the Epidemic
  • Angst+Pfister AG has taken over the Foxsense AG (The PAROX Company)
  • The first China (Suzhou) Acoustics Industry Expo
  • Grow up With Communication - SIGAS Welcomes The Voice of Himalaya
  • SIGAS's General Manager participated in "Two Sessions" in Changshu
  • NASA's “Perseverance” launched into Mars with an EVO version of the ···
  • SIGAS is ATEX and EMC certified by the Russian Federation Standards As···
  • Industry University Research Cooperation
  • Sigas and W.Tec signed a deep cooperation agreement
  • NEW S-Module Silarex multi-channel composite gas sensor
  • GC 7003 (compressor cooler) has obtained the Chinese Academy of Metrol···
  • The SIGAS 2016 TÜV site audit has been completed
  • New patent are on the scene
  • SIGAS Measurement Engineering Corp. ICP-19046713
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